A&G Tropical Cuisine – How to Select a Caribbean Restaurant Based on Online Reviews

If you’re searching for a Caribbean restaurant, you’ve probably noticed a couple of issues that could be affecting your decision. For one, it has a low rating on Yelp and Google. Perhaps it doesn’t serve the foods you’re after. Whatever the case, here are some tips for selecting a Caribbean restaurant based on the information you’ve found online. This way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible Caribbean food.

Low rating on Yelp

While Yelp users have a certain amount of discretion in the way they rate a restaurant, they do use a proprietary algorithm to determine the order in which reviews appear. Reviews that are more “useful” to the users will appear higher on the search results. Yelp also allows users to comment on the usefulness of a review, which is often used to rank reviews. But despite this inherent problem, the low Yelp rating of A&G Tropical Cuisine should not discourage you from trying out the restaurant.

The authors used a multi-level model to identify the terms that were statistically significant predictors of a low Yelp health code rating. The authors chose keywords based on their frequency in reviews and their relation to restaurant health inspection scoring rubrics. The authors chose to include “microwave” and “affordable” as factors for predicting a low health code rating.

Caribbean restaurant

A&G Caribbean restaurant is located in Atlanta, Georgia. This restaurant serves Caribbean cuisine and has 44 reviews on Yelp. Customers have given this restaurant a 3.7-star rating. They can order online, receive delivery, or dine-in. A&G Caribbean restaurant is part of the restaurant group based in Atlanta, Georgia. To contact A&G Caribbean restaurant, use the form below. We hope you enjoy your dining experience at this establishment.

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